Mukesh Bansal has logged out of Flipkart, time for a new a Start Up

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Weeks after the top-level rejig at Flipkart, its head of commerce and publicizing business Mukesh Bansal has put in his papers. Flipkart’s Chief Business Officer Ankit Nagori has likewise stopped the firm to begin an entrepreneurial endeavor in the games area. Interestingly, Flipkart fellow benefactors Sachin and Binny Bansal are the main financial specialists in his new organization.

“Mukesh Bansal, Head of Commerce Platform, Flipkart is moving out of his active role to be an advisor to the company. Mukesh has played a huge role in making Myntra the number one fashion destination and helped build a strong platform at Flipkart,” ~ Flipkart

A computer science graduate from IIT-Kanpur, Bansal founded Myntra in 2007.  He sold Myntra to Flipkart in one of the largest M&A deals in the Indian e-commerce space. While neither companies had disclosed the deal size, it was estimated to be worth about Rs. 2,000 crore.

Mukesh Bansal’s departure is one of the most high-profile exits yet for Flipkart, which is competing head-on with Amazon and Snapdeal for a larger share of the booming Indian online retail industry. Binny Bansal will now directly oversee the commerce and advertising platforms.

Some Interesting tweets:

Mukesh Bansal quits FlipKart. He has 30 days to change his mind as per FlipKart’s return policy. ~Ramesh Srivats

Mukesh Bansal set to leave Flipkart. It’s official. #watchthisspace this entrepreneur will come up with something new soon enough 🙂 ~Abha Bakaya

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