Critical step for a start-up : How to Build the best Team

Before you can truly begin to grow, you’ll have to build your team.

You want to build your team as soon as you can afford to. If you never hire anyone, you’ll be doing all the work yourself. And if you’re doing all the work yourself, you’re really just building a job for yourself rather than building a business that can operate independently of you, and without you if needed. Never forget that a business is only a job until you’re firm is making money while you’re sleeping.

Question is How to Recruit Really High Quality Talent. First we should try from our existing known leaders and their friends and referral networks. We could recruit via competitors. We could go to online job posting boards like LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, or, or social networks like Facebook and twitter .

We could go to your investors’ or mentors’ contacts and relationships and find ways to get referrals from people who are your advisors . You could also pay a corporate recruiter, although often that’s pretty expensive and out of reach for new born startups. You could work to get PR about your product or company that can help you reach more people and create a pipeline of hundreds of applicants.

Often the best team members are the ones who are currently employed. From time to time, certainly people will be unemployed who are great quality candidates. But if you want to get people who are at the top of their game, the set in their fields, you’re likely to have to recruit them directly from another position. 

We like fresh minds and we can mould then as we want. They become the best resources for your business.

In Next step – You need to spend particular time and effort recruiting your C-level team (your chief technology, finance, and operations officers, and the heads of your departments). Effectively, they are the leaders of your company whom everyone else in your team will interact with. They set the stage for the company’s culture. Therefore, you really want your C-level executives to be passionate about the change that you’re passionate about making. You also want to spend extra time making sure they are competent individuals who are great leaders and managers.

You want your team to be made up of the top guardians – people who are compassionate, highly competent, and working hard to make a positive difference in the world.

Initially, when you recruit your team, you may be limited by whomever you can attract to your startup. But as you start to have capital and recognition, think about how you can provide goals that motivate and encourage your team, and are also achievable.  Make these goals quantitative and numerically driven, and give your team frequent feedback.

My Favorite Interview Questions

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Tell me about some experiences you’ve had in your life that have been difficult or challenging.
  • What change do you want to make in the world in your lifetime?
  • If you met an alien, how would you describe yourself to that being?
  • Tell me about your failures.
  • Tell me about the goals you have.
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