There’s not much point putting time, money and effort into marketing a website unless that website is good at doing the job intended, whether that is generating sales directly in the case of ecommerce sites or generating enquiries if your site is an informational one. You can have all the visitors your website can handle but if those visitors don’t like what they see you are not going to generate business from them. The business of getting more and more sales or leads out of a website is known as conversion optimisation and there is a whole industry based on it where consultants will charge you handsomely to help optimise your site but there are several things you can do yourself to maximise your site’s performance.

Target the Right Visitors

It’s obvious there is no point in attempting to appeal to everyone using the word ‘paint’ in a search if you are actually selling artists acrylic paints and other artists supplies. Those searchers might be searching for exterior house paint or some fence paint, anything butyour artist’s supplies. Be specific with the language used on your web pages and you can attract very targeted visitors who convert easily.

Know Your Prospects Behaviour and Arrange Your Site Accordingly

You might be in a niche where clients want lots of information or specifications before they are comfortable making a purchase or picking up the phone. Optimise conversions by giving them the information they need and make it easy to find so they consider your site the go-to resource.

Give those Prospects a Reason to Pick You

The chances are you are not the only supplier available to your prospects and they are checking out several of your competitors websites too so try to stand out from the competition. Maybe you can offer a better guarantee, better product support or better package deals? Try to provide something that makes you a little different to the others.

Use Attractive Design and Great Images

A cheap looking website with sparse info and poor quality images is not going to instil confidence in your visitors. Catch their attention and give them a good experience on your site. Make your information easy to understand through layout and graphics. Good web design helps turn visitors into clients.

Look Professional, Eliminate Spelling Errors & Bad Grammar

Just as with the design and images used, your spelling and grammar are also important as the overwhelming majority of people find poor spelling and grammar a sign of a poorly run business. If you can’t write or spell then consider getting a copy writing service to write your sites content for you.

Be Competitive

An often overlooked but fundamental factor in conversion optimisation is whether the potential customer perceives value in your offer. Just showing products or services on a website is not enough as your prospects are most probably looking at your competitors websites too. If you are charging more than the competition you’ll need to show good reason why customers should spend more with you!

Show Your Guarantee & Returns Policy

One of the mental blocks many potential web customers have is the perception that web merchants might not be as trustworthy as the local bricks and mortar store and faulty goods might not be replaced. Don’t let your visitors have any doubts in this area, have your terms and conditions on your site where they can see them.

Show Testimonials

Another confidence booster to prospective customers is to see some evidence that your other customers are happy with your services. When you get good feedback from a client ask if you can use it on your site where others can read it.

Show Your Contact Details Clearly

Again this point is really all about instilling confidence in your visitors by showing them you are not a faceless and traceless operator but a real live contactable person or persons. Displaying your business name, address, phone and email details clearly at least once on your site in an ‘about us’ page is a must. Its generally a good idea Displaying a phone number at the top of every page helps to maximise contact too.


If you are a member of any professional associations then it might be useful to display their logos on your site as many people take such memberships as signs of a trustworthy and professional business.

Use a Strong Call To Action – Tell Them What To Do

Possibly the most important factor of them all but so many websites don’t prompt the visitor to take the desired action. If you want your visitors to call you then say it clearly and boldly “Call Us Now – +91 9555077095”, if you want them to order your widgets then give them an unmissable “Order Now” button. If you want to you can inject a little urgency to maximise the customer actions made e.g. “Order Now – 10% off for limited time”. A strong call to action can be the difference between a successful website and an also-ran.

Your website design, and search engine marketing strategies can only get visitors to your website, its up to you to implement some conversion optimisation to actually get value out of them! Implement the ideas above and you ‘ll be ahead of many small businesses.

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